Kickstarter Feature: Dripkit

Kickstarter has done it again! The crowdfunding platform is most notable for conjuring up some of the best entrepreneurs in all categories and walks of life. Everything from horror books to board games are found on this incredible platform. One of the latest coffee Kickstarters has definitely caught my eye. Have you heard of it yet?

Dripkit is the latest coffee novelty to hit Kickstarter and I totally want to give it a shot! This product is a reusable and portable pourover coffee kit. Even though I’m obsessed with my pourover coffee makers at home, the thought of taking my precious glass and ceramic coffee makers to the beach, camping, or anywhere else that might call for some travel, seems a bit scary to me.

The Dripkit solves the “on-the-go” pourover problem, if you want to try and mimic the experience on the road or outside of your home.


See below for a step-by-step guide on how the Dripkit coffee works:



What is also pretty amazing about Dripkit, is the fact that the makers source their beans from Guatamala and roast in Brooklyn, New York. They also provide an airtight bag of coffee to keep the oxygen out, while maintaining freshness.Β Ilana Kruger and Kara Cohen created this product with sustainability and ease of use in mind.


I look forward to trying out this product once it launches and is delivered! There is still time to donate to this project on Kickstarter, as their campaign ends on August 17, 2017. Check out it, donate, and secure some coffee innovation and fun!


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    1. Totally! I love how portable and compact these are, too!! I’m right there with you and am addicted to all things coffee, too! πŸ˜‰

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